A large test battery with an integrated HPC (High Power Charger/fast charger) is heading to Bornholm this week in connection with the EUDP-funded project “TOPChargE” and the EU-funded project “InsulaE”.

A 5-ton package from Danish Nerve Smart Systems has now landed on Bornholm. The package is a container filled with a large three-string battery able to fast charge electric vehicles with up to 350kW.


The battery is produced by Nerve Smart Systems, who received funding to develop charging functionalities directly from a large battery through the TOPChargE project.


”The synergy between the two projects is great. While we demonstrate high power charging in the TOPChargE project, the InsulaE project can benefit from all the other test results you get with a large energy storage.” says Jesper Boie Rasmussen, inventor of the battery technology ‘Nerve Switch®’ and CEO of Nerve Smart Systems .


Bornholm is once again able to test new green solutions. The charging infrastructure is crucial for the green transition of the automobile industry. I hope that the battery can bring attention and have more people test drive electric vehicles. And to then see themselves help make the island greener the next time the car needs to be replaced” says Caroline Meyer White, chair of the special committee on climate and sustainability.


The mobile battery, which will operate as a charger for electric vehicles, will be on Bornholm for a total of 2 years. During those 2 years the battery will move between two sites, the parking lot at Campus Bornholm and by Green Solution House, with 6 months intervals. The two locations will allow as many electric vehicle owners as possible to charge their cars from the battery. Two charging outlets will allow two electric vehicles to charge at the same time.


Cheaper and more energy efficient: Renewable energy flows directly into the battery

The large EU-funded project InsulaE’s purpose is to implement locally produced, sustainable and cheap energy sources into the energy systems of 3 European islands. The idea is that the battery system installed on Bornholm can serve as an inspiration for other islands in the EU who wants to lower their CO2 emissions.


The battery is connected to solar cells while stationed at Campus Bornholm, as part of the new innovative green solution. Normally power from solar cells is converted from direct current to alternating current and then back again to direct current before it’s then stored in a battery. But in this new battery, the power is steered directly into the battery. You can save both energy and money by not converting the energy, since the conversion causes energy losses and the conversion unit itself costs money. It will be a cheaper and greener way to get electricity, if the experiment with the new technology succeeds.


Additionally, the battery is an attempt to meet the challenges within the electricity grid which may arise over time when more electrical vehicles need to quickly charge at the same time. The charging stations existing today are connected to the electricity/power grid and the electricity is powered directly from the grid to the car. It is also difficult to ensure that the power, charging the cars, comes from renewables.


”The technology developed in the TOPChargE project, currently being tested within the InsulaE project, allows renewable energy to be stored in large batteries, which is then able to charge electric vehicles with minimal power loss. This concurrently also reduces the load on the electricity grid.” says Mattia Marinelli, associate professor from DTU coordinator for the InsulaE project.


From the 1st of July you can charge your electric vehicle with green/renewable power directly from the battery

The charging stations are being tested at the moment and will be fully functional for charging electric vehicles from the battery from the 1st of July 2021. The charger is a so-called high power charger (350 kW).


The project partners encourage all electric vehicle owners to swing by the battery and try the charger in order to test the technology in the batteries for the projects as thoroughly as possible. This will generate the best data set for the continued work to complete/finalize the technology.


For more information

A short reception / press briefing for Nerve Smart Systems will be held at Campus Bornholm on the 16th of June between 13:30 and 14:30. For more information about the press briefing contact Lasse von Elling,


For more information about the project see here:

TOPChargE project (The TOPChargE consortium consists of DTU, PowerLab, Nerve Smart Systems, OK A.M.B.A and Fremsyn)


InsulaE project (The INSULAE consortium consists of 26 partners. The partners related to the demonstration on Bornholm are DTU, Bornholms Energi (Bornholm’s energy and supply), Fremsyn and the Regional Municipality of Bornholm)



About Nerve Smart Systems

Nerve Smart System ApS develops the battery management technology Nerve Switch®. The technology makes it possible to control and manage individual battery cells in large battery systems, thereby making conventional battery management systems (BMS) as well as large parts of power electronics redundant, as the power and current levels can be directly controlled from the battery system.


Press contact

Lasse von Elling

+45 5210 7259




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