Nerve Smart Systems is thrilled to be one of the nominees up for the Roskilde Erhvervspris (Business award).

Roskilde is where Nerve Smart Systems’ home base is located, and it means a lot to be recognized by our community here. We strive to become a green force within the battery energy storage sector and hope that we can inspire others to also make more sustainable choices in the future.

Everyone here at Nerve Smart Systems would like to say a big thank you for this nomination! We look forward to hear about the other nominees and are very excited for the award ceremony.

The Roskilde business award is given to a company in the municipality of Roskilde, which has created growth and development in the local business community, and which contributes to a positive branding of Roskilde.

Candidates for the award are chosen by recommendations from the business community in Roskilde. All companies located within the municipality of Roskilde may be nominated for the award.

In November 2020, a selection committee consisting of Mayor Tomas Breddam, ErhvervsForum’s chairman Rune Tarnø, editor of Dagbladet Roskilde Lars Ahn Pedersen and several representatives from the local business community will select two finalists.

The winner of the award will be announced at the New Year’s party held in mid-January 2021. The participants of the New Year’s party will vote and choose the final winner from the two finalists.