Batteries are the Spine of Tomorrow's Infrastructure - We Deliver the Solutions

Nerve Smart Systems delivers solutions based on our innovative Nerve Switch® technology.

It can be used in a number of areas: Battery Buffered High Power Chargers, Battery Storage Solutions, eTrucks, eFerries, Photovoltaic Parks, Agriculture Machinery, for peak shaving as well as a wide range of other solutions which run on electricity.

The key advantages of the Nerve Switch® solution are

  • Weakest battery no longer limits system
  • Different types of batteries can be used in system
  • System always uses optimal combination of battery cells
  • Easy and cheap maintenance
  • Patented (pending) technology

Nerve Switch®Battery Storage

Intelligently combining battery storage systems, PV solar cells, and high power EV charging using Nerve Switch ®technology.

Nerve Switch® HPC

Battery buffered 350kW High Power Charging stations.
Nerve Smart Systems has received a Horizon 2020 Phase 2 grant for an innovative high power charger solution (Patent pending).

eTrucks and eFerries

eTrucks and eFerries will benefit greatly from being equipped with a Nerve Switch® solution. It increases the yield and removes the risk of electric shock.

Many other Battery Areas

The Nerve Switch® battery control system increases the life span of the battery, it increases the yield and reduces the amount of maintenance needed.