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Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS)

B-HPC 1.6 system

The B-HPC system is centered around a variable topology battery system allowing to store electricity and use it to charge electric vehicles directly from the battery.

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Variable Topology BESS

Nerve Switch® technology allows dynamic cell stack reconfiguration by continuously determine and set the optimal topology of the battery during operation depending on the actual power demand.

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Renewable Energy

A key issue with energy from renewable resources is that it is intermittent. By coupling BESS with renewable energy production allows the energy produced to be stored. Thereby solar power can be provided when the sun is not shining and wind power when the wind is not blowing.

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Peak Shaving

Electricity prices vary throughout the day due to fluctuations in demand from the grid. In peak demand hours,  the electricity price is high. A BESS can provide the energy needed, without having to purchase it from the grid. When the demand is lower and the electricity price is cheaper, the BESS can be charged. 

18_EV Charger copy

High-power Charging

High power charging of EVs requires large grid connections and is is associated with extra costs for the charger operator (tariffs, demand charges etc.). With a battery buffered high power charging solution from NSS, all the work is transferred to the BESS which will then function as a High power EV charger.


Ancillary Services

BESS is a valuable asset in frequency stabilization markets and intra-day balancing markets. With the advantages that a NSS grid scale-battery storage system
offers, the batteries’ utilization, efficiency and lifetime are greatly improved and ensuring optimal operation in the energy markets and longer profitability

14) System Efficiency copy

Backup Power

Continuous, uninterrupted electricity is a key requirement for many industrial companies, a BESS solution is the perfect way to ensure that while it also facilitates high power quality. Energy can be stored in the battery during low electricity pricing periods or when renewable energy is available. Then it is ready to be used whenever it is needed to  ensure smooth energy flow for many hours without any compromise.


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Utility Scale BESS

Stationary Battery Energy Storage systems in large scale can be connected to the distribution and transmission networks and will play a key role in the green transitioning. 

If paired by renewable generators, BESS facilitates cheaper and more reliable electricity in isolated grids and off-grid communities that would otherwise have to rely on expensive and imported diesel for electric generation