The Nerve Switch® is much more than a Battery Management System. It is a semiconductor-based switch device that controls and optimizes the management of all individual battery cells based on State Of Health. Using Nerve Switch® to control a battery system enables a dynamic cell stack configuration and reconfiguration by controlling each individual cell directly and independently. The flexible topology ensures an optimal performance of the cells, the longest possible life for each cell, and a highly improved safety.

Nerve Switch® technology

Flexible topology

Nerve Switch® technology continuously determine and set the optimal topology of the Battery during operation depending on the actual power demand. Battery cells are controlled directly and independently.

Longer cell life

Nerve Switch® technology balances the State Of Health (SOH) and optimizes the State Of Charge (SOC) of each battery cell. This removes unwanted stress from individual cells which again increases the life time and performance of the entire battery system.

Improved safety

Nerve Switch® technology removes the risk of electric shock from the battery since there is no high voltage anywhere inside the system in case of an emergency or planned shut-down.

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Grid Energy Storage Solutions

Energy storage becomes more and more necessary for buffering and load balancing of energy grids. By applying a Nerve Switch® operated grid connected Energy Storage Solution, a better energy efficiency, lifetime and lower cost can be achieved.

Renewable Energy Storage

A key issue for renewable energy production is fluctuations in supply and demand. An energy storage solution with Nerve Switch® is ideal to store energy from wind turbines and solar parks for later usage.

Electric transport

For optimal performance E-vessels & E-trucks requires batteries that can provide both high power and high energy at different scenarios. Nerve Switch® manage and control batteries to do just this.

High Power Chargers

High Power Charging stations equipped with Nerve Switch®
offers 20 percent better system efficiency while delivering up to 450 kW to electric vehicles.

UPS Backup solutions

The Nerve Switch® Energy Storage System is ideal for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) applications as it functions as a modular and highly flexible technology that can react within fractions of seconds when a power outage is detected.


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