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Variable Topology BESS


Variable Topology BESS

Variable Topology Battery Energy Storage System

Nerve Smart Systems Variable Topology BESS offers flexibility like no other similar product in the market. It combines high energy capacity with variable DC power output to accommodate even for the most niche applications. This is facilitated in two levels: On the lower level, the Nerve Switch® controls the battery modules down on a cell level by activating or bypassing cells according to the system’s needs and desired output. On the higher level, the battery strings of the Variable Topology BESS are operated either in series or in parallel, providing high DC power levels of output without the usage of any DC/DC power electronics. The Variable Topology BESS comes in either indoor or outdoor double-rack cabinets solutions and in containerized solutions. Due to the level of flexibility, each system is unique.


Plant Specification


The minimum configuration of the Variable Topology BESS consists of 2 battery strings that each make up for a 100kWh of battery capacity and with a choice of 30, 60 or 90 kW of AC power input. The voltage on the DC side is variable (from 3.2 V to 1000 V) which facilitates for a variable power output that can reach up to 200 kW DC. The Variable Topology BESS is equipped with cloud services for monitoring and operating it remotely. The enclosure of the system, as mentioned in the product description, can be either indoor or outdoor double-rack cabinets or containers of various sizes (10, 20 or 40’ feet).

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