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Feasibility Studies & Consultancy

Is a Battery Energy Storage System a profitable case for you?

Industrial & grid scale battery energy storage is a fairly new technology, and the world is still cautious in embracing its potential. With the services Nerve Smart System provides for its customers, this should not be a concern. Our experienced team of specialists, analysts and partners can help you with business case analysis and feasibility study of your next battery energy storage project using up to date and tangible data. Nerve Smart Systems ensures accurate results that will help you make the correct decisions regarding battery energy storage solutions.


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Feasibility Studies & Consultancy

Business case analysis and feasibility study are among the services Nerve Smart Systems provides. We have the tools and expertise in system sizing of industrial, commercial and grid scale battery storage for numerous applications. We can provide key estimations such as CAPEX & OPEX as well as return on investment (ROI), levelized cost of energy storage (LCOS) and other relevant technical and financial information for a project necessary for decision-making. Moreover, we can illustrate a comparison of a particular business case when using the Nerve Smart System solution against a traditional battery storage system so that the advantages of Nerve’s technology are easily understood.

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Finding the right business case for battery storage systems can be a complicated task depending on many parameters such as application, geography, subsidies etc. The team at Nerve Smart Systems and our collaborating partners have experience in numerous applications for battery storage such as renewable energy displacement, peak shaving, grid ancillary services, backup power and more that your project can benefit from. Combining a battery storage business case with Nerve Smart Systems technology and products can yield the maximum earnings and optimize the energy usage in the system.
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