Partnership Announced

Partnership Announced

OK a.m.b.a. announces partnership with Nerve Smart Systems with the order of 3 Battery Buffered High Power Charging (B-HPC) systems.

Yesterday (07 December 2021), at the TOPChargE finalization event, Thor Folman Krarup – E-mobility Manager at OK a.m.b.a. announced official procurement of 3 B-HPC systems produced and developed by Nerve Smart Systems ApS. At the end of Thor’s presentation of OK’s findings and learnings during the EUDP funded TOPChargE project, Thor announced that OK a.m.b.a. has ordered three battery buffered high-power chargers from Nerve Smart Systems.

Nerve Smart Systems B-HPC
Nerve Smart Systems CTO, Jens Raarup presents the new B-HPC


This order shows OK’s commitment to the TOPChargE Project, e-mobility and green transitioning. OK have been the ideal partner for Nerve Smart Systems during the development of the B-HPC system within TOPChargE and we are very happy to continue our collaboration with them through the signed contract on delivering the first B-HPC systems.” States Jesper Boie Rasmussen, CEO at Nerve Smart Systems ApS.

The systems will be delivered to OK a.m.b.a. in January 2022. The systems are capable of delivering 175kWdc individually but can be coupled to amplify one of them. This coupling enables charging with up to 350kWdc for one of the HPC outputs.

Thor Folman Krarup – E-mobility Manager at OK a.m.b.a. announces official procurement


About the Nerve Smart Systems’ B-HPC.

A traditional battery-buffered fast charger needs to first convert the AC power from the grid to DC to charge the stationary battery, then the DC must be converted to higher power AC sent to the chargers which in turn converts high power AC to DC to finally convert the DC level to match the EV’s required input DC:


The B-HPC can adjust the power directly at the cellular level in the battery and can thereby deliver exactly the amount of power needed to charge the electric car as efficiently as possible. All power conversion between the battery and electric car is therefore eliminated as shown in the image below.


The B-HPC system does not need expensive power electronics and does not lose energy by converting the current multiple times between the battery and the electric car. In the long run, the system can ensure a higher integration of green energy in the electricity grid as the battery can be charged when the proportion of green power in the electricity grid is high.

Large investments for upgrading the electricity grid can be prevented when infrastructure to support e-mobility is being installed. The battery can instead be charged via a relatively small grid connection, or directly from solar cells and other green energy sources.


For more information

For more information about the system, contact press contact:

Lasse von Elling,



About TOPChargE

The TOPChargE project is funded by IFD and EUDP to support the development of the further integration needed for the Nerve Smart Systems battery technology to function as a high-power charger. The consortium consists of Nerve Smart Systems ApS, OK a.m.b.a., DTU, Powerlab and Fremsyn ApS. More information on the project can be found at:


About Nerve Smart Systems

Nerve Smart System ApS develops the battery management technology Nerve Switch®. The technology makes it possible to control and manage individual battery cells in large battery systems, thereby making conventional battery management systems (BMS) as well as large parts of power electronics redundant, as the power and current levels can be directly controlled from the battery system.


About OK a.m.b.a.

OK a.m.b.a. is a leading Danish fuel station and energy company. Today they operate more than 700 fuel stations in Denmark and is the largest supplier of ICE-car related fuel and services. They are currently transitioning towards renewable energy and green mobility. As such, they are also one of Denmark’s largest energy companies and largest suppliers of electric heat pumps for households.


About DTU – PowerLab

DTU, Danish Technical University is a world leading university within technical sciences. With some of the best facilities in the world, PowerLabDK is a member of European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories e.V. DERlab. DERlab is an association of leading laboratories and research institutes in the field of distributed energy resources, equipment, and systems.





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