Nerve Smart Systems have per 1st of April joined Danske Maritime, which is a business association for Danish manufactures of maritime equipment and vessels.

Denmark has a long and proud history within the marine sector. From the Vikings many centuries ago to Maersk’s huge containerships which are crossing the oceans today. However, the Danish maritime industry is much more. It is an industry with more than 1.000 companies and around 40.000 employees that strives to develop, produce and service maritime technology.

Global there are more than 100.000 vessels and the majority are equipped with Danish technology. Also, the maritime technology is growing globally. A trend that has been ongoing for some years which OECD in 2016 also reported it would. Nerve Smart Systems would like to contribute to this trend. And since Nerve Smart Systems are developing an advanced technology – the Nerve Switch® – which in near future can add further to groundbreaking equipment that will make electric vessels more efficient and help companies to lower their emissions, we see it as a logic step, to join Danske Maritime.