Nerve Smart Systems develops mobile EV fast charger with battery storage

Nerve Smart Systems charger
Danish Company behind Groundbreaking Battery Solution
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Nerve Smart Systems develops mobile EV fast charger with battery storage

Nerve Smart Systems power station

The Power Station by Nerve Smart Systems fast charges electric cars anywhere, anytime without overloading the electric grid. With a wide range of applications, the mobile solution demonstrates the benefits of combining a battery with a charger.

Nerve Smart Systems is wheeling an innovative battery solution onto the street, The Power Station, which relieves the growing pressure on the power grid. The Power Station is a mobile fast charger with built-in battery storage, a combination that provides great financial savings and unprecedented flexibility.

3-in-1 solution

The Power Station combines a mobile battery with a charger. It powers up through a regular power supply and then uses the battery as a storage buffer to fast charge electric vehicles. Until now, this has required a new connection to the electrical grid, an expense that can amount to tens of thousands of dollars per charging station.

Many applications

In addition to providing a flexible, efficient and economical alternative to traditional electric car charging, The Power Station also adds value in other areas:

  • Grid stabilization: Demand on the grid will grow year by year, not least due to the rise of electric vehicles. As demand increases, the need to compensate for large fluctuations in the grid will also increase. The Power Station’s battery delivers flexible capacity to ensure stable power supply even when demand is high.
  • Power storage: The Power Station provides efficient, mobile power storage. The mobile battery stores power from wind turbines or solar cells, and can then be driven to wherever power is needed. This could be a quick recharge of a municipal electric vehicle or as a rescue service to quickly charge electric vehicles that have run out of power.
  • Alternative to diesel generators: The Power Station does not pollute, so unlike diesel generators, it can be used without bothering residential areas.
  • Capacity monitoring: The Power Station can also measure the capacity requirements of a given area for a given time period. This is relevant in areas that experience frequent capacity drops, where additional capacity is required. By connecting the mobile battery for a period of time, The Power Station provides a precise measurement of the area’s specific needs, so that optimal, future-proof solutions can be chosen.

Facts about The Power Station

The Power Station includes a 50kW DC electric vehicle charger, connected directly to a 284kWh battery. The charger has CCS and CHAdeMO connectors.
For further information, please contact Nerve Smart Systems Jesper Boie Rasmussen, Managing Director, on + 45 40 19 30 24.

The MEGA Group, comprising the companies CleanCharge Solutions ApS and Nerve Smart Systems ApS, develops and sells future solutions for battery storage and fast charging of electric cars.

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