Nerve Smart Systems battery technology will facilitate water production!

Atmospheric water generators from EAWD will be powered by energy stored in large battery systems from the Danish company Nerve Smart Systems. The batteries are powered by solar panels from the Swiss-German company Envelon. The systems will be installed in areas where it is not possible to dig wells or places with acute water shortage – for example in refugee camps in third world countries, densely populated cities or in deserts.

Water scarcity is a reality in every continent. Water consumption globally grew more than double the population growth in the last century. The world population has tripled in the 20th century, but the use of renewable water resources increased sixfold. Within the nest fifty years the world population will increase further by 40-50%.

Population growth, combined with industrialization and urbanization, will result in an increasing demand for water and the environment will face serious consequences if the practices are not addressed in time. An increasing number of regions, especially dry and arid areas, are close to reaching the limit of their sustainable drinking water supply.

To solve this problem, EAWD has designed their atmospheric water generator which Nerve Smart Systems will supply with an energy and battery system. The first system will be built in Hamburg, Germany. The delivery will then begin for other pre-ordered systems by countries including South Africa, Mexico, and others.

An Atmospheric water generator is able to extract drinking water with condensation from the moisture in the air. The atmospheric water generator originates from the mines, where this technology was used to cool the air resulting in the by-product, condensation. The system is powered by renewable energy stored in a large battery.

The overlap between when the system operates and when the green energy from the solar panels is available, does not always align perfectly. The battery system will make it possible to store the green energy, enabling a prolonged timeframe where the water generator can perform.

The battery also helps to reduce the need for a connection to the electricity grid. This opens up for the possibility that the system can be used in more places with primitive, or no, electricity infrastructure.

About Nerve Smart Systems

Nerve Smart Systems is a Danish company pushing innovation within the charging and battery storage sector. Nerve Smart Systems develops the revolutionary “Nerve Switch®” battery management system for battery storage as well as a High-Power Charger (HPC) capable of charging electric vehicles with up to 350kW. Nerve smart systems has previously received funding from EU Horizon 2020 and is currently working on two projects with funding from two Danish funding agencies, EUDP and IFD. For more information about Nerve Smart Systems visit:

About EAWD

Energy and Water Development Corporation is a green-tech engineering solution company focused on delivering water and energy to extreme environments. The Company offers design, construction, maintenance, and specialty consulting services to private companies, government entities and non-government organizations (NGOs). EAWD builds water and energy systems out of already-existing, proven technologies, utilizing their technical know-how to customize solutions to their clients’ needs. EAWD can be found at:

About Envelon:

ENVELON is German-based producer and engineering service provider for fully integrated solutions for the building envelope. According to the company´s mission, “Turn on the building envelope,” ENVELON´s product MATERIA is an active facade material that can replace classic building material without comprising on the esthetical quality. The main applications are public building, commercial and office buildings as well as big residential buildings. In cooperation with its wide-ranged network of companies ENVELON delivers full solutions including turn-key solutions for solar facades. For more details, visit


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