Nerve Smart Systems have per 1st of April joined Danske Maritime, which is a business association for Danish manufactures of maritime equipment and vessels.

Denmark has a long and proud history within the marine sector. From the Vikings many centuries ago to Maersk’s huge containerships which are crossing the oceans today. However, the Danish maritime industry is much more. It is an industry with more than 1.000 companies and around 40.000 employees that strives to develop, produce and service maritime technology.

Global there are more than 100.000 vessels and the majority are equipped with Danish technology. Also, the maritime technology is growing globally. A trend that has been ongoing for some years which OECD in 2016 also reported it would. Nerve Smart Systems would like to contribute to this trend. And since Nerve Smart Systems are developing an advanced technology – the Nerve Switch® – which in near future can add further to groundbreaking equipment that will make electric vessels more efficient and help companies to lower their emissions, we see it as a logic step, to join Danske Maritime.

A pitching event facilitated by the European Innovation Counsel organized by MAN Truck & Bus is breaking new ground bringing together 18 international top-tier start-ups working in the fields of electric mobility, connected transportation, and intelligent supply chains, the Munich-based manufacturer intends to find and foster innovative concepts for its own business. As part of the event, MAN looked for fresh ideas it can integrate into its existing product, service, and process portfolio or include in the development of new business models.

The first startup pitch event (EIC Corporate Day) took place at the MAN Truck Forum in Munich this Tuesday, March 19, 2019, in cooperation with the European Innovation Council (EIC).

Christoph Herr, Senior Vice President Strategy & Product Management at MAN Truck & Bus, believes this meeting of founders and MAN experts presents a major opportunity: “As far as we are concerned, startups are important partners. We believe that flexible, creative startups can give a major boost to the innovativeness of a big company like MAN and want to find an effective way of working together with them. We have already put this idea into practice with very successful results as part of our CitE truck project and could really imagine being the partner of innovative entrepreneurs more often.”

85 startups from the whole of Europe had applied to take part in the Munich event. 18 of them were specifically chosen to present their ideas in front of 150 leading MAN employees and Group partners.

Jesper Boie Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer at Nerve Smart Systems says about presenting for MAN Truck & Bus “It was exciting to pitch our thoughts on how to improve e-mobility with our technology to MAN and EIC. We also had a great 1:2:1 meeting with a more in-depth conversation on how our Nerve Switch® technology can add value to MAN Truck & Bus. We are looking forward to elaborating on future business opportunities and see where it will take us”.

The EIC Corporate Day forms part of the SME Instrument Business Acceleration Services, which are provided on behalf of the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME). This institution was set up by the European Commission to manage several EU programs in the fields of SME support & innovation, environment, climate action, and energy on its behalf. The SME Instrument is part of the European Innovation Council pilot (EIC pilot) that aims to support top-class innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies, and scientists with bright ideas. In this respect, the SME Instrument’s main focus is on innovations that have the potential to create new markets and jobs, generate growth, and facilitate a higher standard of living.

The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot and Equinor partnered for a business acceleration event in Oslo, Norway. Nerve Smart Systems was one of the companies selected chance to pitch and engage in in-depth discussions with Equinor corporate representatives and investors.

On 29 January 2019, Nerve Smart Systems pitched its revolutionizing Battery Management System – Nerve Switch to top Equinor representatives and had the chance to deliver a detailed presentation in an exploratory one-to-one meeting with Equinor stakeholders and investors.

Speaking about the event, Kristin Aamodt, Managing Director at Equinor Technology Ventures, detailed its context and relevance: “For a start-up or SME it’s critical to get early feedback from a potential customer like Equinor. For Equinor, it enables us to tap into the most interesting innovations in the energy sector in Europe right now.”

Bjørn Kåre Viken, Vice President for Technology Collaboration at Equinor, outlined the enthusiasm and diversity of the companies he met: “I really liked the passion and the variety of ideas presented. Equinor is facing challenges today and will face new challenges tomorrow. It’s important for us to really get these good ideas and to see how we can implement them in our organisation.”

Jesper Boie Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer at Nerve Smart Systems says about the event “We’re very happy to be selected for this event promoted by the EIC pilot. We believe our solution are aligned with the business of Equinor and we hope to start a partnership that can help us scale-up our business and grow as a relevant player in the energy market.”

This was the first EIC Corporate Day of 2019, following 15 successful initiatives that since 2017 have matched over 300 companies backed by the EIC pilot funding programmes with some of Europe’s largest corporates.