Who we are

Who we are


What we do

Pushing the limits of Battery Energy Storage

Nerve Smart Systems develops and markets the next generation of control and management systems for  electrochemical cells; mainly batteries. 

Our smart technology stack, Nerve Switch®, allows for individual management and control of each individual battery and thus facilitates the possibility of dynamic cell stack configuration in battery systems. 

By facilitating dynamic cell stack configuration in battery systems, the battery systems are no longer limited to the application of which they were designed – they can be re-configured on the run and a stationary Battery Energy Storage system operated by our technology can function as both integrated High-Power charger for electric vehicles and time-shifter for production of renewables.



We are the future of Battery Energy Storage Solutions

The missing link to a society powered entirely by renewable energy is efficient energy storage that meets multiple uses.

Time shifting renewable energy production and provide ancillary services to the electricity grid are some of the most important drivers 

Our variable topology battery systems, managed by Neve Switch®, is not subject to the limitations of traditional Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS). Thereby, one BESS can facilitate several different applications – which we are constantly exploring and developing algorithms to further improve. 

are the future of Battery Energy Storage Solutions!


Our CEO!

Frank Hagen was appointed CEO in May 2024. Frank is a visionary leader and with a background in technology and innovation, he has dedicated his career to advancing energy storage solutions. Frank is known for his strategic thinking and ability to drive progress in the industry. His leadership is marked by a commitment to sustainability and technological excellence, guiding Nerve Smart Systems to the forefront of energy innovation. Hagen’s work is characterized by a focus on eco-friendly solutions and cutting-edge advancements, making him a key figure in the realm of modern energy technologies.


Our Story

Changing the Way Our World Is Powered

Initially, Nerve Smart Systems developed integrated technologies for electric vehicles, but shortly after Jesper joined the company, the development of the Nerve Switch® became the main focus for Nerve Smart Systems with Jesper spearheading the development. 

Through persistence, hard work and innovativeness, the team behind Nerve Smart Systems are pushing next-gen battery management, battery energy storage systems and battery-integrated high-power chargers to the market. 

The smart functionalities of our technology facilitate variable power outputs and allows for variable power inputs to and from battery systems without having to invest in expensive high-power electronics. Thereby, renewable energy production from e.g. solar can be transferred directly to the BESS operated by our technology without having to use PV inverters. 


Quality & Commitment

We are fully committed towards a world powered by renewables!

By facilitating efficient and cost-effective energy storage we have the missing link towards higher renewable adaption in society!

We are fully committed and work hard every day to supply the world with a better way to integrate renewables.

Energy Storage System investments are complex and costly. By improving overall systems efficiency, increasing lifetime, allowing operational flexibility and making several hardware components redundant we thrive -every day- to make the best possible business case of implementing and fully utilizing energy storage for renewables – whether it is for private business or public institutions.  


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