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Looking to know more about next-gen Battery Management & Control, Battery Energy Storage or High Power Electric Vehicle Charging?

Nerve Smart Systems delivers High Power Charging with up to 350 kW anywhere, regardless of the capacity of the power grid. We do this by taking advantage of the periods where the chargers are idle to charge a super-efficient battery that delivers power as fast as ANY vehicle can take it. This not only enables High Power Charging in areas with poor grid quality, it also optimises the use of cheap and sustainable energy for the benefit of the planet and the climate.


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The intelligent High Power Charger of the future

High Power Charging from weak connections

Many places, the power grid does not support High Power Charging. That problem has now been solved by Nerve Smart Systems using an integrated battery that charges while the EVcharger is idle, enabling it to High Power Charge EV’s when the need is there. This saves both money and resources for the development of infrastructure, while also supporting a more efficient use of solar and wind energy.

Charging when electricity is cheap

Nerve Smart Systems batteries charge while electricity is cheap, which enables you to store cheap energy and use it during more costly periods. This also helps ease the pressure on the electricity grid in general.


The intelligent Nerve Switch® optimises battery performance to enhance durability and optimise cell utilisation throughout the lifespan of the battery.
Remote system control and updates of all critical software. Continuous improvement of control- and lifetime algorithms.

Nerve Smart Systems develops and markets the next generation of control and management systems for Lithium-Ion battery cells. Our smart technology stack, Nerve Switch®, allows for individual management and control of each individual battery cell stack configuration in battery systems.

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