Nerve Smart Systems develops and markets our revolutionizing technology: The Nerve Switch®. The Nerve Switch® technology functions as a highly capable Battery Management System (BMS) that allows controlled and optimized battery cell management. In short, Nerve Smart Systems will change the way electricity is embraced and stored in the transport and energy sector.

Nerve Switch® in operation

Energy Storage Solutions (ESS)

The Nerve Swtich® can optimize Energy Storage Solutions, in operating photovoltaic power stations, wind turbine and other renewable energy installations.

Battery Management System (BMS)

Conventional battery management systems as well as power electronic components for DC/DC-conversions are no longer needed in a battery system equipped with Nerve Switch® technology.

High Power Charger (HPC)

Nerve Smart Systems ApS is developing one of the first high-power charging stations for electric vehicles in compliance with the Combined Charging System 2.0 standard.

The Nerve Switch® provides

Higher safety

In case of transport or a critical incident, the battery system is switched off by the Nerve Switch. Battery systems equipped with The Nerve Switch® has increased security since the battery system is not under high voltage in case of an emergency

Reduced hardware costs

Our Nerve Switch® (BMS) eliminate the need for power electronics (DC/DC converters). Furthermore, the topology of the battery system (serial and parallel) can be changed in almost any order. It is therefore possible to meet required wishes on current and voltage without overcapacity of batteries. Reducing costs even more!

Better battery system efficiency

Nerve Switch® enables each individual battery cell to be controlled both directly and independently. Individual cells can therefore be taken in and out of operation repeatedly according to their respective State Of Charge (SOC) and State Of Health (SOH) – providing a higher efficiency on the battery system.