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Who We Are

We are the future of Battery Energy Storage

Nerve Smart Systems develops and markets the next generation of control and management systems for  electrochemical cells; mainly batteries. 

Our smart technology stack, Nerve Switch®, allows for individual management and control of each individual battery and thus facilitates the possibility of dynamic cell stack reconfiguration in battery systems. 

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Nerve Switch® In Operation

B-HPC / TOPChargE system

The B-HPC / TOPChargE system is centered around a variable topology battery system allowing to store electricity and use it to charge electric vehicles directly from the battery.

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Variable Topology BESS

Nerve Switch® technology allows dynamic cell stack reconfiguration by continuously determine and set the optimal topology of the battery during operation depending on the actual power demand.

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Behind The Company

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System Efficiency & Lifetime

Nerve Switch® enables each individual battery cell to be controlled both directly and independently. Individual cells can therefore be taken in and out of operation repeatedly according to their respective State Of Charge (SOC) and State Of Health (SOH) – The Dynamic Cell Stack reconfiguration provides higher efficiency on the battery system and facilitate longer lifetime. Furthermore, the need for balancing the system is eliminated.


By enabling each individual battery cell to be switched in and out of operation, faulty or poor performing battery cells can be taken out of operation entirely or bypassed while the remaining system is kept fully functional. By constantly monitoring the system, the Nerve Switch® allows for active prevention of thermal runaways. High voltage potentials are eliminated when system is under maintenance or in case of emergencies.

Reduced Hardware Costs

The Dynamic Cell Stack reconfiguration facilitated by our Nerve Switch® (BMS) allows for controlling the DC output directly from engaging or bypassing individual battery cells and thus eliminate the need for additional DC/DC power electronics (DC/DC converters). By actively monitoring and controlling each battery cell, an even degradation of the entire battery system is ensured and pre-emptive maintenance can be planned ahead of time. 


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