Batteries are the spine of tomorrows infrastructure - we deliver the solutions

Nerve Smart Systems develop solutions based on our innovative Nerve Switch® technology for: Battery Buffered High Power Chargers, Battery storage solutions, Micro grids as well as a wide range of products for ecars, emotorcycles, eboats and basically any other device that runs on electricity

Nerve Switch®Battery Storage

Intelligently combining battery storage systems, PV solar cells, and high power EV charging using Nerve Switch®

Nerve Switch® HPC

Battery buffered 350kW High Power Charging stations
Nerve Smart Systems has received a Horizon 2020 Phase 2 grant for an innovative high power charger solution
(Patent pending).

Electric Vehicle Technology

EV technology experts and developer
High end EV conversion
In depth Fuel cell knowledge
Robotic Arm for ecars and charging stations

E-Super Motorcycles

Motorcycle conversion
World record holder